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Core Competency

Teaching Objectives
Equipped with the professional knowledge of theory and practice, academic knowledge of interdisciplinarity, and ethical concept in profession
Institution Teaching Objectives ACultivation of talent of international politics research
BCultivation of talent of security strategy
CCultivation of talent of foreign affairs
DCultivation of talent of the affairs between the both sides of the Taiwan Strait
ECultivation of talent of international economies and trade
         School course features
course features
Cultural Knowledge Communication Problem Solving Global Vision Socail Concern
AEquipped with the ability of professional analysis     v v  
BEquipped with the ability of cooperation and leadership   v v    
CEquipped with the ability of critical thinking v     v v
DEquipped with the ability of multiple language communication   v v    
EEquipped with the global innovation knowldge v     v  
FEquipped with the social concern v       v