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History Introduction

On February 1st, 2000, When Law and Business College of National Chung-Hsin University was restructured to National Taipei University, College of Social Sciences and Management was established. Meanwhile, the NCHU Common Learnings, which was established in 1979, was approved on April 1st, 2000 to transform into Graduate Institute of International Politics (GIOIP) and Graduate Institute of Business Management (GIOBM) based on the expertise of our teachers and school medium to long-term development plan. Graduate Institute of International Politics (GIOIP) and Graduate Institute of Business Management (GIOBM), belonging to the newly established College of Social Sciences and Management, began to enroll graduate students immediately after the transformation. Enrollment of doctoral students began in 2005 to provide recurrent education and lifelong learning for experienced elites from every field of the society, and to raise funds for operation. Our institute established Credit Program on Global and Cross-Strait Affair in 2000 and in-service master’s program in 2002, encouraging individuals who are interested in International Relation to study.   

Our institute has 7 full-time teachers including 4 professors, 2 associate professors, and 1 assistant professor. Besides being responsible for all graduate courses and programs, our teachers and teaching assistant also assist and participate in the teaching of undergraduate courses.  

International Relation Theory, International Political Economy and International Safety and Strategy are the three core research and teaching objectives of our institute. Valuing interdisciplinary research methods and emphasizing the integration of theory and practice, our institute urges students to study a wide variety of issues by regularly hosting academic speeches, seminars and symposiums. At the same time, we encourage students to communicate internationally by combining channels from the university and our institute to help students become competitive and develop a global perspective. According to statistics, our students start their careers shortly after graduation.

The teachers in our institute are competent and specialized in the fields of their own. A small number of students interact closely and frequently with our teachers. Each teacher is dedicated to instructing and supervising students’ studies and researches to ensure the quality of students’ works and researches. In order to provide our teachers and students with better teaching and learning environment, our institute raises funds of over one million each year to purchase books, journals and equipment.