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Teaching Objectives

Students who would like to take the entrance examination to be admitted by our institute must have a bachelor’s degree that is granted by either a college or a university. College seniors or students who are about to graduate from colleges or universities are also allowed to take the entrance examination. 
Through acquisition of knowledge in international politics, improvement in English language skills, and emphasis on academic and interscholastic exchange, students of our institution have great potentials in the development of future careers.   

Some options for future career plans after graduation are as follows:

Pursuit of a higher academic achievement
Those who intend to pursue a higher academic achievement can register to take entrance examinations to be admitted by a graduate school for doctoral programs, or they can apply for foreign graduate schools.  
A possible future public servant
Those who wish to become public servants can take a variety of government exams such as Junior and Senior Examinations, Special Examination for Consular and Diplomatic Personnel, Special Examination for Journalistic Personnel, or Special Examinations for Investigation Bureau, Intelligence Bureau and Immigration Agency.
Development of a political career
Those who are interested in political parties or operation of parliament can work for a sector of a political party to participate in research or policy-making of international and cross-strait affair. To assist in the gathering of information or legislation as a research assistant of an elected representative is also an option.
Building a career in journalism industry
Those who are interested in media and journalism can apply for jobs regarding publication of newspapers, publication of magazines, radio broadcasting or television news. Students with language skills and knowledge of international politics are relatively competitive when applying for positions in journalism industry.
Building a career as a teacher
Those who are interested in teaching can be a teacher in a high school or a junior college through teacher education program. Furthermore, to conduct research on the related issues or subjects in a research institute is also a good option.  
Participation in foreign aid of certain types
Those who would like to assist to improve the economy of foreign countries and help the poor can devote themselves to organizations of international development and humanitarian aid such as International Cooperation and Development Fund.