Personal Journal

Year Paper Title
2021 劉泰廷、蔡東杰, “Winter is Coming: Emerging War in the Taiwan Strait?” The Journal of East Asian Affairs, 34(1): 37-60
2021 劉泰廷, 2021. “yiqin shidaixia de yingguo he riben: shuangbian he duobian hezuo de qiji ji tiaozhan [疫情時代下的英國和日本: 雙邊和多邊合作的契機及挑戰]” (The UK and Japan in the Age of COVID: opportunities and challenges for bilateral and multilateral cooperation) Review of Global Politics [亞太區域情勢月刊] (July): 1-5. (Chinese)
2021 劉泰廷, “Taiwan in Global International Relations: rethinking state and power in a complex world,” Virginia Review of Asian Studies 23: 97-106.
2021 劉泰廷. 2021. “Promoting Peace in Asia: the role of Japan,” Asia-Pacific Perspectives (3): 8-12.
2021 54, (Others)
2021 22, 3, pp32-39
2021 33, pp36-42